LAB 2 - Licensing, Brevetti e Copyright: present situation and possible developments

Lab hosted by Giovanni Ziccardi - Lawyer and Associate Professor of Juristic Computer Science at the Jurisprudence School of the Università degli Studi of Milan, Board of Directors, Ip Justice.

Open source's legal aspects will be analyzed examining how this particular way of software distribution fits in today's complex normative apparatus (i. e. how open source relates to the copyright laws).
The fact that 'open source' doesn't mean 'code without rights': the open source world is ruled by a number of licence types which determine how it can be used by others. Unlimited access to the source code and freedom to take advantage of it get along with specific conditions that must be met to be allowed to modify and redistribute it.

- Open source's legal aspect
- Software patentability after the latest EU decisions
- Open source and copyright on the Internet