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Milan, the city of LinuxWorld

Capital of the fashion, design and publishing business, and of the advertising and high-tech world, Milan is at the core of Italy's financial and economic life. The city offers best and widest shop selection in the whole country, boasts different night clubs and some of the Itaian and international most important restaurants.

It is worth spending some days walking through the city street and shopping centers, visiting the exclusive Milan fashion quadrilateral and the Navigli area: located in the southwestern part of the city, it is known for the wide variety of athmospheric places, both traditional and modern, where you can spend a romantic or a business evening.

A lot is offered in Milan concerning artistic and architectural attractions: the Castello Sforzesco, the Sant’Ambrogio church, the Dome (Duomo), the Santa Maria delle Grazie church, the Cenacolo Vinciano (with the famous Last Supper paingint from Leonardo), the artistic Pinacoteca of Brera and the Poldi Pezzoli museum.

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