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Open Source in the public sector: Provincia di Pisa
From Office Automation to complex processes: Provincia di Pisa extended Open Source adoption through many of its municipalities and it is also a catalyst for software development.

And the Penguin gets bulletproof
The SE Linux project is evolving: thumbs up for security, now we need ease of use

Linux and Open Source adoption for italian companies
The main results of a survey conducted by IDC, with a special focus on services

OSS and professional services: a link to be created
The risk of a 'vendor lock-in' is one of the biggest factor driving open source software adoption. But potential users are afraid of another risk: there are too less professional services provider supporting open source.

[analisys] Linux value chain: the vendors
Open Source vendors can adopt different business models, but for each model a vendor must define a clear strategy, focused on maximizing Open Source potential or, on the other side, on defending the market position conquered in the competitive arena.

[analysis] Business models for Linux and OSS
Many operators are moving in the market created by Linux and open source software: developers, distributors, resellers and vendors can contribute, each in its own way, to create new opportunities for 'free software'. Let's see how.

Don't underestimate the licensing problem
Free software doesn't mean anarchy: companies using free software as a contribution to their projects should evaluate the limitations contained in that software's license. The sooner, the better

Tools for companies do exist: just know them
Linux is not the only piece of open source software which is reliable enough to be considered for the company's information system. Here's a guide to the mostr important open source applications for business usage

The open source alternative
Even the most traditional companies, through their IT managers, are debating if 'free' software platform can be a valuable addition to the company's information system. Let's see how to decide on the matter

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