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The agenda

LinuxWorld Summit features a comprehensive session program with conferences, seminars, labs and workshops. Participants will have access to high-level content tailored for specific target groups and focused on technical or strategic aspects of the open source phenomenon.

The agenda is designed around the business user, providing him with data and information through interaction with industry gurus and IDC analysts, informing him about the most important market opportunities and strategies, discussing with him the possible open source industry evolution and integration with existing and future infrastructures.

Part of the Summit area will host an exhibitors' area, which offers an exclusive selection of products and solutions from the main vendors and distributors.

Contact points throughout the event will have three main forms: plenary or parallel sessions, labs and sponsor-managed workshops.

Among the various topics which will be handled during the Summit:
- Linux and open source: what kind of market for what kind of business
- What happens when migrating to Linux and open source software?
- Intellectual property and the open source model
- Linux and open source software within the company IT infrastructure: what impact can open source have on the whole organization and the IT infrastructure?
- Open source: a business model for a software industry in Europe and Italy
- Integrating open source systems in the company architecture
- Open source applications: how to develop them, wich platform to choose, how to manage them, how to maintain them
- Open source systems and ROI evaluation
- Kernel devices: configuration, structure, implementation decisions
- Linux and open source software in the Public Administration
- Linux and open source software in the emerging collaboration, convergent devices and Internet technologies.

To secure your place at our LABs, please contact the administrative office at +39-02-28457354 or email [email protected]

Monday, May 15

08.30 Registration

Plenary session 1
Overview on Market, Actors and Technologies
Chaired by
Ezio Viola, General Manager & Group Vice President, IDC So
uthern Europe

09.10 Linux & OSS: a realistic look to the market and to the development perspectives
Ezio Viola, General Manager & Group Vice President, IDC Southern Europe

09.30 The Growing Role of Open Source in the Global Software Industry
Anthony Picardi, Senior Vice President, Global Software, IDC
Open source software has captured the imagination of the public and software executives alike for its potential to create new market ecosystems as well as its potential to disrupt established industries, even beyond software. The actual impact of open source in any one instance is fundamentally related to it's constituent community – what are its motivations, how is it funded, and who are its leaders? Dr. Picardi will present case studies to illustrate several very different ecosystems in which an open source movement will thrive and how these will impact the industry. One involves the global movement to share, preserve and publish content in the world's universities, which will have a major disruptive effect on the global publishing industry. Another is the growing community of software developers who have forsaken API lock-in for a mutually agreed upon development platform. While this movement will create a hitherto unprecedented coalition of companies, it's counterintuitive effect may be to accelerate the consolidation of the industry. Yet a third type of ecosystem is the Red Hat and Novell value add business model. These business models build upon existing open source communities and have a chance to disrupt existing mature markets. While Open Source software has nowhere amounted to unparalleled riches, it is beginning to have an unparalleled impact on the global software industry. Dr. Picardi will point out the synergies between the long term direction of the global software industry and the open source movement that indicate open source will be with us and thriving for the long term.

10.00 – 12.50
Plenary session 2
Linux e Open Source: quale mercato per quale business

Chaired by
Ezio Viola, General Manager & Group Vice President, IDC So
uthern Europe

How to fuel the open source community energy and translate it in innovation and value for businesses
Pino Ferrari, Senior Consulting Specialist, Worldwide Sales, Software Group, IBM US
IBM's Open Source strategy is part of the wider Open Computing movement, along with Open Standards and Open Architecture. Open Source beyond Linux is proving itself to be a tremendously successful business model. Secure, reliable, flexible Linux and open source software is rapidly complementing commercial software in customer engagements that include standards-based hardware platforms, software, and services.This session will outline how IBM is already translating Open Source innovation into customer value.

Title tbd
Douglas Small, Director of Marketing Open Source and Linux Organization, Hewlett-Packard

Sharing and open source in a winning business model
Giuseppe Facchetti, Chief Technology Officer and Product Lines Manager, Sun Microsystems Italia

11.00 Break and visit to the Exhibition area

Panel with the Main Sponsors
Open Source: a business model for the development of the software industry in Europe and in Italy

Chaired by:
Franco Carlini, Journalist and essayist

Professor Alfonso Fuggetta, Direttore, CEFRIEL
Bruno Pinna, Group Marketing Director, Bull Italia
Douglas Small, Director of Marketing Open Source and Linux Organization, Hewlett-Packard
Gianfranco Previtera, Vice President, Public Sector, IBM Italia
Franco Roman, Direttore Marketing e Partner Sales, Sun Microsystems Italia

12.30 Keynote Speech
Alfonso Fuggetta, Direttore, Cefriel

12.50 Lunch

14.00 - 14.45 Workshop 1

Linux and Windows: interoperability and integration of heterogenous environments with Microsoft platform
Piergiorgio Malusardi, IT Pro Evangelist, Microsoft

14.00 - 14.45 Workshop 2

BrandZ, or how to use Linux in a Solaris Container
Danilo Poccia, Data Center Architect, Sun Microsystems Italia

15.00 - 15.45 Workshop 3

Linux and SOA: maximum flexibility in business processes supporting
enterprises' goals
Chaired by: Maurizio Luinetti, Senior IT Architect, Software Group, IBM Italia

15.00 - 15.45 LAB 1

Industrial ICT with Unix, Windows and conventional Real-Time
Chaired by: Alessandro Rubini, Kernel and Device Drivers Expert, Free Software Foundation Europe

15.45-16.15 Break and visit to the Exhibition area

16.15 - 17.45 LAB 2

Licensing and Copyright: where we are
and how it will be developed

Chaired by:Giovanni Ziccardi, Lawyer and professor of Legal IT at the Milan University, Board of Directors, Ip Justice

16.15 – 17.45 LAB 3

Open Source and Creative World
Chaired by:Leonardo Chiariglione, Digital Media Strategist

Tuesday, May 16

Plenary session 3
Linux and OSS in the business IT systems: the impact of open source systems on infrastructures and organization

09.15 Open System: no ties or no network?!
Gianni Soreca, Consulting Director, IDC Italia

09.45 Revolution to Evolution: how Linux & OSS will move into Enterprises’ Data Centres
Al Gillen, Research Director, System Software, IDC

10.15 - 10.30 Break and visit to the Exhibition area

Plenary session 4
Intellectual Property & OSS – what's happening and what's next

Chaired by Ezio Viola, General Manager and Group Vice President, IDC Southern Europe

10.30 Keynote speech
Cyberlaw issues, free software, privacy as a “property”
Eric Eldred, Co-Founder, Creative Commons

10.55 Keynote speech
Is Open Source Incompatible with Intellectual Property?
Bruce Lehman, Chairman, International Intellectual Property Institute
Proponents of open source software and other business models that seek to provide public domain access to creative works are often critical of strong intellectual property protection. In particular, this criticism extends to legislation recognizing the right of copyright owners to utilize digital rights management technologies; judicial interpretations of copyright law that restrict file sharing; liability for contributory infringement of copyright, and patentability of computer software and business methods. This keynote presentation will discuss the relationship between intellectual property protection and the open source business model and will argue that intellectual property rights and open source can co-exist. Indeed, copyright protection is the very basis of the licensing protocols that support the open source model. The primary issue is the extent to which the author of a creative work should be compelled to commit his or her work to the public domain. The tensions between the open source model and patent protection for computer software and business methods, however, may be less reconcilable. However, this presentation will argue that creators should have rights to determine the business model to be utilized in the distribution, licensing and use of their works.

11,20 - 11.50
Panel with the Keynote speakers
Intellectual Property & OSS – what’s happening and what’s next
Chaired by:
Franco Carlini, Journalist and essayist

Bruce Lehman, Chairman, International Intellectual Property Institute
Eric Eldred, Co-Founder, Creative Commons
Alessandro Musumeci, Direttore Generale, Servizio Sistemi Informativi, Ministero dell’Istruzione, dell’Università e della Ricerca

12.00 - 13.00 Breakout sessions

Breakout session A

Integrating OSS systems in the business architectures: how Linux can penetrate the Data center
Chairmanship by IDC

Enterprise solutions from Open Source world
Giuseppe Paternò, Solution Architect, Red Hat

Speaker tba, Bull

Open and Secure Integrated Solutions: Open Source for Enterprise Solutions
Claudio Guerrini, Strategic Solutions Marketer - Continental Europe Marketing and Communications, Unisys

Breakout session B

The role of the communities: state of the art and perspectives
Chairman: Arianna Gagliardi, Senior Research Analyst, IDC Italia

Panel with Associations - GPL DEV, SpeILDN, LUG Gechi, Mambo Foundation, Zio Budda

13.00-14.00 Lunch

14.00 - 14.35
Plenary session 5
Roundtable with breakout sessions Sponsors:

OSS Systems – considerations on ROI evaluation
Chaired by:
Amedeo Novelli, Editor in Chief, PC World – IDG

Luigi Semplici, Sales Manager Red Hat

Flavia Marzano, Consulente della Provincia di Roma - Comitato Scientifico Master in Management dell'Open Source, Università di Pisa

Speaker tba, Unisys

14.45 - 15.30 Workshop 4

Your innovation path goes
through Linux, too

Vincenzo Trama, Strategic Growth Business Unit Manager, Systems and Technology Group, IBM Italia

14.45 - 15.30 Workshop 5

Building software interoperable "by design": Microsoft .Net, tecnologies, licences, open standard

Fabio Santini, .Net Developer Evangelist, Microsoft

15.40 - 16.20 Workshop 6

HP Control Tower for Blade Linux. Simplify your datacenter management

Roberto Fassina, HP Linux Marketing Manager - Italy

15.40 - 16.25 Workshop 7

If a penguin can spread bird flu, can a Linux server plague a Microsoft network?
Tiberio Molino, Product Marketing Manager EMEA, Trend Micro

End of Summit

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