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It is now the best time for user companies and vendors to evaluate Linux for their business needs. The LinuxWorld Summit provides the best environment to reach buyers in the Linux and the open source marketplace. The Summit is THE place where Linux companies come to do business.

Why sponsor the event?

LinuxWorld Summit is the leading Linux and open source event, providing an excellent mix of attendees: both technical and business decision makers do visit the show. Attendees are eager to learn, network with others and discover how to implement, manage and scale Linux in their IT infrastructure.

LinuxWorld Summit is the best place to maximize branding activities, acquire market share in the open source business and develop new commercial relationships.

Exhibiting at LinuxWorld Summit positions your company as a key player in the Linux and open source market and community. Attendees keep on visiting our events to buy from the exhibiting vendors, which are market leaders. Your competitors are already exhibiting: why shouldn't you?

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